Allscripts Announces Corporate Name Change to Veradigm Inc.

January 3, 2023

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 3, 2023-- Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. announced today that, effective January 1, 2023, it has changed its name to Veradigm Inc. (NASDAQ: MDRX). Allscripts had been transitioning its solutions to the Veradigm brand during 2022, and Allscripts will now formally be known as Veradigm.

The US healthcare ecosystem – including healthcare providers, biopharma, payers, and the government – is converging around the shared goal of delivering a higher quality of patient care, more economically. Transitioning away from disconnected, dysfunctional, disparate systems, healthcare stakeholders are being driven toward interoperable, open, and connected solutions. In the new healthcare landscape, community-based, diverse data derived from the point of patient care can be translated into actionable insights, driving measurable value, and supporting a higher quality of care.

Veradigm connects over 300,000 US healthcare providers via the Veradigm Network, helping to facilitate the transition to value-based care, while representing over 170 million patients. Through its significant healthcare provider base, the Veradigm Network provides life science and health plan organizations unique access to de-identified patient data, provider connectivity and analytics at scale.

After more than two years of streamlining its corporate portfolio, all remaining Allscripts assets including electronic health records, practice management systems, and patient communication platforms are now integrated into the Veradigm Network, providing the connectivity needed to realize the vision of improved patient outcomes achieved more economically.

“Some healthcare technology companies deliver clinical data for biopharma and health plans, some help turn that data into insights, others serve healthcare providers directly by providing point-of-care clinical software and patient outreach platforms, Veradigm does it all,” said Rick Poulton, Veradigm Chief Executive Officer. “As our markets continue to evolve, completing our brand transition to Veradigm represents a capstone on our own evolution as a company. We are well-positioned to drive growth and serve each market where we compete.”

About Veradigm®

Veradigm is a healthcare technology company that drives value through its unique combination of platforms, data, expertise, connectivity, and scale. The Veradigm Network features a dynamic community of solutions and partners providing advanced insights, technology, and data-driven solutions, all working together to transform healthcare insightfully. For more information on Veradigm, visit, or find Veradigm on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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